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Who's getting Engaged?

Posted by Michelle Cavanagh CFA Member
Thursday, 05 April 2012

Engaging and identifying your stakeholders can be like putting together a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle. Customers, partners, key stakeholders, stakeholders! Who do you engage with first? What level of engagement should you have with them?

The new BPMO Stakeholder Engagement Strategy has just been finalised, and can help you put together the pieces of your Stakeholder puzzle. The strategy and model can help projects see positive results in their stakeholder engagement and create long term business relationships by defining decision making and assisting teams to manage risks.

Projects are already discovering the benefits of adopting this strategy.

Fire Safety Program Leader, David Kearsley and his team have recently workshopped the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy mapping exercise, and say there are clear benefits to it.

 “The stakeholder engagement strategy shows you how to prioritise your stakeholders. You start breaking down your generic group of stakeholders until you ultimately find the core group you need to engage with. Most projects can sometimes miss the stakeholders they really need to get to,” he says.

David also says that properly identifying stakeholders has enabled his project to define their business case and allow better progress measures to be put in place.

“Identifying your stakeholders properly enables you to put your time and money into the right areas. We have to be smarter about who we engage with and how we spend money in engaging. The rest of the organisation should turn their mind to using this strategy”.

Building relationships takes time; characteristics for effective relationships include trust, mutual respect and understanding. These are evolved over time, based on collective experiences and interactions. The long term benefits of stakeholder engagement far outweigh the initial time to effectively plan and manage.

CFA recognises that effective stakeholder engagement is good business practice; it assists in improved management of risk and leads to better outcomes for projects and their stakeholders Building stakeholder confidence will enable solutions for risks and issue management.

If you are interested in running a stakeholder workshop for your project, or would like more information about the BPMO Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, speak with Tammy Leahy on ext 8852.

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Mick Hayes
written by Mick Hayes, April 05, 2012
Awesome news!

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