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New car decals - vote now

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Four new decal designs have been created for corporate and operational transport vehicles, and we want you to vote for your favourite!

UPDATE: View survey results here.

The aim of this project is to create a consistent look for all CFA vehicles, while also improving the visibility and safety of our fleet and brigade vehicles. So no matter where you travel across Victoria, our cars will reflect the professionalism of our organisation.

This project was initiated by our Chief Officer, so please watch the video to hear Euan’s thoughts on why this is so important and to view the four designs which have been applied to trial vehicles.


The features of all four designs include:
• FIRE RESCUE on the front and back of the vehicle (this demonstrates that CFA does more than just fight fires and also allows for better identification from all sides)
• CFA web address on the back of the vehicle
• CFA logo on the front doors
• Full vehicle length and width hi-visibility striping to improve safety
• Triple zero logo on the side rear (which adheres to the national standard)
• Space for an approved community message has been allowed (the rear doors could be used for this)

The results of this poll, together with outcomes from further consultation being conducted, will be used by the Chief Officer to select the final design.

Once the design is chosen, it will be implemented progressively across CFA’s fleet and brigade vehicles. Decal kits will be provided to applicators across the state to make it easier for brigades to adhere to the new standard.

To allow time for brigades to vote over the festive and summer fire season, voting will close on Friday 2 March 2012.

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Trevor Smullen
written by Trevor Smullen, December 14, 2011
Design 2 is the only option indicating a location for your Brigade Name.
Is this option available on the others?
Chris Gallagher
written by Chris Gallagher, December 14, 2011
Design #3 Is be the best of the lot...

This is a good step towards uniformity for the vehicles..

but i guess members uniformity is different

It would be nice if the CFA Dress Uniform also got this much attention.. It seems the Uniform issued is dependent on the CFA your with (ie Districts) again they all have differing standards as to what a volunteer gets as a "uniform"

I cringe every time i see CFA volunteers on the TV in their "uniform".. WHY!! because no two of them look the same. except in the outer metro districts they all seem to have a Full Dress Uniform. Could be a proximity thing, The further you get from the bosses the less of a problem it is..
david rose
written by david rose, December 15, 2011
The photos for Design 3 don't match the drawing.

In the photo the brigade name is under the logo, but not in the drawing.

Are we voting on the photo or the drawing ?
Ian Large
written by Ian Large, December 15, 2011
I agree that this is a good start, but iin't it a bit of "putting the cart before the horse"? There needs to be a "whole of CFA" approach to branding including uniforms and workwear of all types, stationary, building identification, vehicles of all types - the lot.

Euan, please don't do this in isolation. I agree that we ned to make operational vehicles more distinctive, but we need to take a look at the whole, not just the specific.

Merry Christmas to all, Ian
Robert Byrne
written by Robert Byrne, December 15, 2011
Design 3 is the best choice out of these. The green gives a mix of night and day visibility. The high stripe is easier to see than the low one. It needs to include brigade/locality name.

Every FCV I've seen also has the SMR number on the windows. Some have UHF and mobile phone numbers. Will there be a policy/guideline on this kind of extra information? Also roof ID.

To Chris and Ian, the longest journey begins with a single step. While I'm with you on the need for consistency right across the whole organisation (that means all of us outside Dsmilies/cool.gif, this is an early attempt at consultation. Let's show them that it can be this simple, and work.
robert squires
written by robert squires, December 15, 2011
If the CFA wants us to have these decals on Brigade Owned Vehicles then they should issue them. I agree that there should be stickers for safety and identification, but if a Brigade has to pay it just adds another cost when changing over a vehicle, that the CFA gets the benefit of. I agree that design 3 seems to be the most suitable.
CFA Partnerships and Marketing
written by CFA Partnerships and Marketing, December 15, 2011
@Trevor - With all the designs except Design 4 you'll be able to include a brigade name underneath the logo on the front doors. Yet to be determined where the brigade name will fit for Design 4.

Keep in mind these are trial designs and may be tweaked a little before the final design is chosen by the Chief.

@David - Please vote on the drawings as there were a couple small omissions when the decals were produced. They just give you a good indication of what they might look like on an actual car. So please refer to the drawings.

@Chris & Ian - A review of the CFA Style Guide is just beginning now, included in this project is a review of stationery, general branding, developing templates for use by our members across the state. We'll also look to get consistency with polo tops for events etc. However this does not include a full uniform review, but this project is a good start. Stay tuned, we'll be using networks within CFA to communicate about this project.

@Robert - That's a good suggestion about providing guidance on the extra info / roof ID, we'll be sure to consider placement for this too in the guidelines.
Geoff Schmidt
written by Geoff Schmidt, December 15, 2011
I agree with Robert Byrne. These standards should be extended to include FCV requirements:
1. location/s of brigade name - and make it mandatory! (I hate trying to find some of the cars in staging areas...)
2. SMR
3. mobile number??

The CFA logo on driver and passenger doors will be covered by the strike team ID magnet. Not sure if that is a problem.
Wayne Charlton
written by Wayne Charlton, December 15, 2011
I too would support Design 3 as the best of the lot, essentially as it combines an attempt at both a day and night time visibility, and lifts the striping up to eye level as far as possible (Design 4 is way too low).

A couple of general comments:

In conjunction with the striping, I would support a style guide being produced for vehicles, outlining mandatory requirements, fonts, materials and locations of signage - SMR, brigade names, (side and windscreen), strike team placarding, aircraft ID etc.

From the information provided, it would appear that this is planned for all CFA vehicles - i.e. not just operational vehicles. Given the expense involved and the difficulty of obtaining funding in the Government secotr, would it not be more prudent for this to be limited only to operational vehicles. I see no need for a HQ pool car to have the striping - CFA logo and the website would be sufficient.

Finally, in suggesting Design 3, we need to ensure we use quality materials. The photos for the Commodore in Design 3 seem to show the side striping as the cheap and ineffective orangey/yellow tape. This tape should be 3M Diamond Grade or similar as per the commodore in Design 4 for greatest retro-reflectivity possible.
James Cain
written by James Cain, December 15, 2011
I am also in favour of design 3. Some years ago I worked for MSS Security, who had very similar decals on their patrol cars. They provided excellent visibility both at night and during dull or overcast days. The green/red together seem to stand out more.
Michael Brennan
written by Michael Brennan, December 16, 2011
Design three has my vote, it ties in with cfa uniforms and thechecker pattern at window level is more easily seen in heavy traffic than if it is positioned at running board level.

I hope that green/red checker on a white vehicle will be adopted for trucks. In my view dark RED has little practical applications for a fire truck that, in worst case scenario, is susceptible to immense radiant heat. Not to mention that dark red is lost in the harsh ozzie shadows in summer.

Mike Brennan
michael hassell
written by michael hassell, December 16, 2011
Design 3 gets my vote,it has good day/night visibility.The reflective stripe is at the right height for best visibility.A standard font and height for the fleet is a must as it provides a uniform corporate image that will be on display for the next 20 or more years.I suggest Mike asks any 3 year old on any street corner the colour of a fire truck.They will tell you.Lets not visit this again!!
Adrian Robinson
written by Adrian Robinson, December 17, 2011
Design 3 is great, but i reckon a combination of both 3 & 4 would lead to greater visibility a night for any operational vehicle. Also will this be a roll out in such a form that the sign writing will be changed over on current vehicles or all new vehicles from now on. smilies/smiley.gif
Paul Coralluzzo
written by Paul Coralluzzo, December 17, 2011
Not sure how night visibility is all that relevant. If it is operational then those beacons stand out for hundreds of meters. If it is not operational then it is just another car. Look at vicpol the cars that mostly go all out with reflective tape are not white usually. Hi way patrol etc. Option 2 covers it nicely.
Greg McIntyre
written by Greg McIntyre, December 18, 2011
Design 3 seems to have the best visibility. I would like to see some consideration of the rear view visibility for operational vehicles. The relevant US standard requires all rear facing surfaces to have a standard diagonal reflective striping including the rear facing surfaces of all doors. We seem to be ignoring this. I feel we should apply a similar principle to all operational vehicles and appliances. It would be good to include appliances in this same consideration for uniform livery.

I agree with Ian and others that we need also to move quickly to consisitent provision of uniform regardless of volunteer/staff.

Good effort - keep it up.
James  Haley
written by James Haley, December 19, 2011
Option 3
CFA Partnerships and Marketing
written by CFA Partnerships and Marketing, December 20, 2011
Thank you everyone for your feedback, please be assured that your suggestions will be passed onto the Chief for consideration.

@robert squires – logistics, costs and funding are also being considered by the Chief. Every effort is being made to implement a standard for vehicles that is cost effective to produce and install.

@geoff schmidt – we’ve left the rear doors free for the strike team ID magnet, so if it’s to be applied it won’t cover the CFA logo or brigade name on the front doors. And yes all additional elements you mentioned will be forwarded for consideration.

@wayne charlton – we’re looking to establish consistency with the variety of CFA transport vehicles on the road. You are quite correct that corporate vehicles won’t require the same level of reflectivity, so the end result may be that an amended design and/or different materials are used for corporate cars thereby reducing costs.

Also, 3M diamond grade tape cannot be used along the length of the car for design 3 as the striping passes underneath the door handles and this tape is only suitable for application on flat surfaces. An amended design may be created if diamond grade is deemed essential.

@adrian robinson – once the Chief has made his decision, the rollout of the final design will occur progressively when vehicles are changed over / updated, as this makes more sense financially.

@greg mcintyre – at this stage only livery for transport vehicles (operational and corporate) are being reviewed. I will forward your suggestion about diagonal reflective striping at the rear to be considered as well.
Wayne  Nagorcka
written by Wayne Nagorcka, December 20, 2011
I also liked #3 initially then I thought something doesn't seem right. Then it struck me, it looks like a taxi. I like the positioning and the lime green tape but I think the red/white should be bold like the trucks. Again, consistency. If it can't be done in diamond grade then use a different tape but in a bold design. Small squares like that only only useful at short range.
Wayne Stanbrough
written by Wayne Stanbrough, December 22, 2011
Design 4 I think is the better choice. The more visible our vehicles are the better.

I would make 1 little chance to the design and that is move the red & white reflective tape to the same eye level spot as in design 1 & 2. That would allow room for the Brigade name on doors or rear of vehicles.
Paul McKendrick
written by Paul McKendrick, January 14, 2012
They all look pretty average. Best of a bad bunch is #2, but for heavens sake get rid of that disgusting checker board (Croatian flag) and use the C.F.A. emblem, not some generic corporate logo. Be proud of the C.F.A. history and the meaning of it or better still use the Fire Star, it is more relevant.
Robert Byrne
written by Robert Byrne, June 25, 2012
So, what was the result?
CFA Partnerships and Marketing
written by CFA Partnerships and Marketing, June 26, 2012
Hi everyone.

The results have been collated and various considerations are being taken into account before a final decision is made. The final decision will be communicated via CFA Connect in the coming months, so please stay tuned.

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