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CFA iPhone and Facebook Apps

Posted by Martin Anderson CFA Member
Wednesday, 07 April 2010

Victorians with an iPhone or Facebook profile can now access critical fire safety information wherever they are thanks to two new applications.

The iPhone and Facebook applications deliver emergency information and fire safety advice from the CFA website directly to users' mobile phones.

Warnings, updates and advice and the location of fires are plotted on Google Maps as well as links to a wide range of community safety advice.

The applications also provide easy access to Fire Danger Ratings and Total Fire Ban details and allow users to share information with friends, neighbours and loved ones via e-mail and social media.

They have been designed to gather feedback and learn from user experience ahead of the next bushfire season.

Please use the feedback links on the applications to tell us what you think and if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in future application updates.

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Hayden Tipping
written by Hayden Tipping, April 07, 2010
i have it and i love it
written by Fletch, April 08, 2010
All well and good having an iPhone app but what about those of us that know how to use a computer and run a different platform.
Will Android (and other) users be taken into consideration and have a multi platform app designed?
Martin Anderson
written by Martin Anderson, April 09, 2010
I believe work is underway to provide better accessibility to CFA website info on all mobiles with internet.
written by Fletch, April 15, 2010
Awesome news thanks Martin.
Darryn Hill
written by Darryn Hill, August 23, 2010
I too would love to see an App for Android..
It is becoming more and more popular due to being Open Source etc..
If possible could regular updates be listed here to keep us informed.
I have noticed that even Tas Fire has mobile compatible website, not sure how well it runs but how could we be behind Tas. (no offence)
It has been 5 mths since last posts about possible updates..
Martin Anderson
mobile friendly website
written by Martin Anderson, August 24, 2010
Hi Darryn - I've checked in with the IT guys and the mobile friendly CFA website is almost ready to go - it will be in place before the fire season. We are also exploring (with the Department of Justice) the possibility of Blackberry and Android apps to accompany the existing iPhone app. As things are launched they will be promoted on CFA Connect.
Darryn Hill
Mobile / App Friendly Website -- Great News
written by Darryn Hill, August 24, 2010
Thanks for the info Martin.
There is alot of us looking forward to it.
Lachlan Leatham
written by Lachlan Leatham, September 03, 2010
As it is quickly surpassing Apple and more, and more phones are being powered by Android there definitely needs to be an Andriod App. Also consider that Blackberry still currently has the biggest hold on the market..

It seems strange to discount the majority to focus on one (faux pas) "Smart Phone"..

Darryn Hill
written by Darryn Hill, October 27, 2010
I was wondering what was happening with this update for Android APP...
Last couple of weeks the CFA Website (public version) has been changed/updated. Is this so that it is compatible with the Smart Phones?
How much longer will non-I Phone users need to wait before we can access an APP for Android?
It also make is hard when we log-in to the Members section that u can view everything properly (example scrolling on Members home & Paging System) when accessing via Smart Phones. Will the Members Section be receiving any new web changes?

Hoping the updates are not to far away seeing the Fire Season is knocking on our doors...
Martin Anderson
written by Martin Anderson, October 27, 2010
Hi Darryn
The Android and Blackberry versions of the app are currently being developed by the Department of Justice in consultation with CFA. Target is November for completion.
The redesign of the CFA website is not related to mobile apps. The mobile friendly version of the website will deliver critical info like FDR / TFB / incidents / warnings so that non-smartphone users can get important info from their phones. Should be available soon - don't know exact date.
Darryn Hill
written by Darryn Hill, October 27, 2010
Hi Martin,

Cheers for the further.. Looking forward to November release of Android App ready for the Fire Season 2010/2011..

If there are further requests that viewers believe would be an asset on any of the Apps would CFA / Dept J be willing to investigate the relevance of them and initiate an update if needed?

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